Single Phase Pump Control Panels with
Water Level Controller

BOPARAI brings to you wide range of Single Phase Control panels with inbuilt Water Level Controller for Automatic operation of motor-pump sets depending upon the level of water in Overhead as well as underground tanks.

BWL-01A (Overhead Tank) -

BOPARAI BWL-01A is designed to switch ON the pump when water in the overhead tank goes below pre-decided level and switch OFF the pump when water level in tank reaches the high level to prevent overflow.

BWL-01B (Underground Tank) -

BOPARAI BWL-01B is designed to empty the Underground Tank. When water level falls below set level, the unit switches off the pump and also it will automatically switch ON the pump when water level in tank reaches the high level.

Salient Features

• High and Low Voltage Protection.
• Digital Overload Tripping with Overload Lock
• Digital Ampere and Voltage meter.
• Three Working Modes Fully Auto, Only Stop and Manual.
• Ultra Long Life Sensors with Anti Carbon deposition technology.
• No need of cleaning sensors after regular intervals.
• Easy Installation
• High Voltage, Low Voltage and Overload Indications.
• Electronic Start Stop Buttons.
• No more Overflow thus saving water, electricity & manpower.
• Three water level indications like Tank Full, Tank Empty, Normal