Star Delta Control Panel ( Pro Series )

Star Delta Control Panels are used for switching three-phase AC motors with very high inrush current. BOPARAI Star/D Control Panel connects the motor to the power supply through a voltage reduction method and increases the applied voltage in steps by changing star to delta position automatically.

DESIGN PATENT NO: 272101, 210181

Salient Features

•  Digital Voltage Meter with auto 3 Phase rotation RY, YB, BR
•  Digital Ampere Meter
•  Microprocessor Technology
•  Different Indications for Reverse Phase & Voltage fault
•  Protects motor from running in Two Phases
•  Protects motor against unbalanced Voltage conditions
•  Protects motor against reverse running
•  Adjustable Startup delay and Star Timer
•  Housed in Powder Coated deep drawn CR Sheet steel enclosure.
•  Auto/Manual select switch.
•  Overloading Protection with its most advanced Digital Overload    

Ratings Available

7.5 H.P to 80 H.P